Resero 9 reduce the size of banner notifications on iPhone and iPad

If you think that the current banner notifications displayed on the iPhone or iPad size too large, then you might be interested in a new tweak called Resero 9, it allowing us to substantially reduce the size of these graphics displayed in OS Apple’s iOS 9.

In the picture below you can see what kind of modification offers this tweak for us and we are talking about a radical change based on which banners notice will be displayed in a fifth of normal size, but the information provided by them will be similar to them visible when using standard banner sizes notifications.

Tired of that humongous notification banner when someone is texting or snapping you? This application removes that big banner and replaces it by a smaller one only covering your status bar! It’s great for when you’re watching a movie or playing a game on your device!

Resero 9 is available for download from the BigBoss repo of Cydia.


The first aircraft was tested public Facebook

Facebook is not just a company that owns a social network and more applications for text messaging, but a company that develops including aircraft solar or rather drones, which are meant to bring internet connections in areas where there GSM coverage or Wi-Fi networks strong enough.

The folks at Facebook have done the first test flight of this aircraft, being shown in the video below, the US company putting their bases in it to offer Internet connections on very large areas, and to monitor activity in these areas, without anyone to wonder why.

The plane solar those from Facebook was designed to operate autonomously for inordinate periods of time, design or aerodynamic and solar panels guaranteeing them a high autonomy, that while he can reach heights up to 20,000 meters, but there is unlikely to be able to offer internet connections.

Named Aquila, airplane Facebook is just the first of a fleet that the US company plans to build to achieve its Vista spread Internet among the masses, and if tests next will be successful, then other models will be built the company.

We are proud to announce the first flight test of Aquila, solar plane that I created to bring Internet access to people living in inaccessible areas.

We look with confidence to the rest of the journey that will allow us to connect and open more of the world around them. More details of the plane Aquila from Facebook you can see in the picture.


Best Notification Center Tweaks Cydia iOS 9

#1. NCFold

 What it does is straightforward: it clubs all notifications for each program and records them in a collapsible way. It is possible to preview multi-line telling messages by exploiting in the program name. That is very interesting as you may make the notification facility easier and better.

Cost: $1.00 | Repo: BigBoss

#2. NCSingleTapClear

NCSingleTapClear is a modest but really great tweak for the Notification Center. Rather than clicking twice about the x to delete all telling messages under an program, the tweak allows you to harness on it only once. And voila. All messages are cleared immediately.

Cost: Free | Repo: BigBoss

#3. HideMe8

HideMe8 is about concealing telling messages, status bar and much more. Should you not need to find out messages on Notification Center it is possible to conceal them by disabling telling message on HideMe8s settings.

Cost: $2.00 | Repo: BigBoss

#4. noNCheader

 It’s useful in the event you would like to find out the Notification Center minus the name of the person widgets. Usually, its better to own the header of widgets observable so that users understand what widgets they’re to use. It might not be helpful if you’re a brand new user. However, in the rare instances you want to create things incredibly minimal on the NC, heres a tweak which will allow you to do it.

Cost: Free | Repo: Private

AppCake vs Installous vs vShare by

Seeking for installous choice that is excellent for the iPhone, iPad mini and iPod touch you then need to focus on AppCake. After hearing depressing news many iOS users slowly filling up the difference of Installous and were fighting to locate reliable and trusted source to get cracked Mac a iOS program, but AppCake actually win the race of best choice.

It’s made by and accessible exclusive for several Jailbreak user who’ve Cydia installed in your iOS apparatus. Same it let you find out enormous amount premium and tweaks that are FREE. It’s FREE repo that install IPA files that are cracked Before it had been called as iPAStore but the latest variant was rebranded as AppCake with more attributes.

Some of AppCake Attributes contain Share files using Air Drop. It’s possible for you to transfer back-up and all cracked program that to your own computer. It is possible to monitor your installed programs in upgrade. Few click App store cease for upgrading program to asking you.

Cydia to be downloaded for by appcake 

It’s community So apps can be submitted by anybody and it is also possible to request any program that is particular that you just can not capable to discover on them. Here will be the fundamental necessity for installing AppCake.

You discover need to Jaibreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch so that you can use AppCake Repo. It’s possible for you to assess for Jailbreking procedure in Greenpois0n.

AppSync can also be needed.
Empower WiFi and ensure apparatus have web availability.
Here are the easy measures you can follow to get AppCake. You could contact us by remarking here, in case you still face any problem through the setup procedure then.

For most and first thing to do would be to add iPhoneCake repo in your Apple apparatus. Input or in source area.
It is time to look under Cydia app store for AppCake after adding repo.
It is time to put in variant that is appropriate for our iOS after getting Search result. It’s One for high definition apparatus two distinct variant, and another is for ordinary. Click on await end of procedure and install button.

You should able enough to see iPhoneCake symbol in your apparatus. It’s strongly recommended before utilizing your device that you reboot it. Congratulation your have AppCake installed in your system, so begin using that for programs were paid by testing. It is best to make use of AppCake just to examine the program that is cracked, as soon as you’re feeling comfortable you ought to purchase As it take a lot of hours of time to create program that is excellent.

Appcake Download – The Best Installous Alternative

Despite Installous being long gone, it’s important for everybody to know that there are still alternatives out there that are currently bringing millions of free apps to users in need. Because mobile apps are getting more and more widespread and complex each day, reviews aren’t without a degree of difficulty. All of the following Appcake/Installous alternatives that you’ll read about have been tested by iOS users who have spent more than 10 hours a day, over the course of an entire month, on their iDevices. Their only goal has been to find the best alternatives to installing free apps. Here’s what they found:

As of right now, this is the coolest Installous alternative we can find, because it allows users to download apps for free which would otherwise cost them money. All they need is a simple Apple id. Kuaiyong first came out in 2012 and it offered the masses great apps at basically no cost. The app comes with an easy to manage interface, using Windows Explorer. So if you’re a Windows Explorer fan, you’ll feel right at home. Because of the fact that we’ve frequently witnessed the death of amazing free apps, nobody can know for sure how long Kuaiyong will be available for. As a matter of fact, Kuaiyong ironically means “Use it quickly” in Chinese, basically telling us to use it while we can download Appcake.

Nowadays, free iOS apps are gradually becoming more complex and more vital for iDevice users. Zeusmos allows users to install free apps with only a few taps of the screen. One of Zeusmos’s best features is its easy to use UI (user interface), making it an alternative we can’t leave off our list.

If you’re looking for the best, look no further than AppCake download. Its strong suit is the fact that it offers its own unique blend of features that other apps do not. You’ll be glad to know that AppCake has been providing users with free downloads for both Apple as well as Android OS devices since 2008. Anything you need, it’s there. AppCake has hundreds of free apps and games, so because of this and more, we’re naming it the best alternative on the market.

vShare or Appvv
In short, vShare (also known as Appvv) is a great app that can help you download even greater apps. Think of it as a door that you walk through in order to access millions of apps that you wish to install.
Some of its features may seem a bit complicated but ultimately it helps with your download.

If you like to use your PC and your mobile device at the same time, then iFunBox is one of the top Installous alternatives on the market. It offers users both a mobile and a PC version so that you can sync both devices together and transfer files between them. iFunBox supports both Mac as well as the Windows platform and it’s compatible with all iDevices which run iOS 6. All you have to do is search for any IPE files you want and then transfer them to your iDevice in order to install the app.

HipStore is quite similar to iFunBox. This alternative to Installous allows users to download their apps via their PC instead of their iDevice. However, HipStore makes the installation apps a lot easier by allowing you to simply drag and drop the IPA files into your iOS device. There are three easy steps: plug in the USB cable, download the IPA files and last but not least, transfer them into your iDevice.

Panda App
Pandaapp, also known as Panda App, represents an unconventional way to install an app into your iDevice. Nevertheless, it deserves a place on our list. When you use Panda App and you want to install an application, you need to first download the app from your computer, then transfer it to your iDevice’s directory in order to complete the process.

A few other Installous alternatives we didn’t put on our list, but worth checking out, are: AppAddict, Apptrackr, IPA Search, IPAStore, IPA Installer Console and IPA Search.

Disclaimer: and iCydiaBlog is not affiliated with any apps, websites or developers mentioned in this article. We only encourage users to purchase an app if it is useful to you. The only purpose of using cracked apps should be to test the app before purchasing it. This is why although Installous is gone, there are still so many alternatives out there.

Top cydia apps and tweaks essentials for your iDevice

For many having a list of most important or must have apps and tweaks from cydia is very hard. Well if you are new to this or not that experienced finding the right app that suits your needs is a really time waster. It’s easy to Google and read about certain apps and tweaks, but most of them are just a list or not properly presented. In this article we will try to clarify those misunderstandings. This short list will contain cydia apps and tweaks that I consider essential for any user with a jailbroken iDevice.

  • Even if you are new to the jailbreak world there is that one thing you will try to find and install it. As you know all iDevices lack a file manager. The answer is simple iFile does the job perfectly. Beside the things that you find in a file manager you will be surprised to see that it is also an Image viewer, video and audio player. It supports a lot of multimedia formats. You can also install DEB. You can also view and edit text files. With its built-in web server iFile is also a file downloader and uploader. You can also compress or decompress files.


  • Users with many apps know well the folder limitations of iOS. With FolderEnhancer all those limitations are removed. With this tweak you can create folders inside a folder, add folders to dock. Possibility to have up to 320 icons in a folder. You can also disable animation or hide the folder name and wallpaper.


  • There is no good web browser without a download manager. The tweak Safari Download Manager extends the functionality of Safari. It allows you to download any file type.

safari download manager

  • SBSettings is yet another well-known tweak that brings new functionality to SpringBoard. We all get tired navigating to settings section and toggling some functions. Well SBSettings brings most of the important toggles to SpringBoard. This way you will have like toggles for Wireless, Bluetooth and many more at your fingertips.


  • Activator is the perfect tweak if you like gesture control. By defining gestures you can activate certain features or apps. It is very intuitive and easy to use.


  • Auxo is relatively new to the jailbreak world. It tries to redefine the iOS task switcher. You can get e better preview of running apps, dismissing them with ease. Toggles for some usual features.


  • If you know what is, then you will know what AppSync is. For those who do not know, AppSync allows you to install any .ipa file on your iDevice.


These are the apps and tweaks that you should install on your iPhone or any other iDevice.

Top cydia tweaks available for iOS 2013

We know that there are a lot of iOS users that are expecting a top of iOS tweaks for this year, and we finally had a chance to get a list together. These tweaks should enhance the functionality of your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. You must keep in mind that in order to be able to use these tweaks, you must own a jailbroken iOS device, be it iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, and a third party app manager installed. The most used is Cydia, and due to its popularity, we recommend it as well. If you are wondering how to install Cydia, you should know that the installation comes integrated in the most of the jailbreak processes.

CleverPin is a Cydia tweak that will give the user the option to disable the iOS lockscreen as long as the user is connected to a WiFi network.

AnyLockApp is a free tweak thanks to Cydia that can enable the user to change the camera shortcut from the lockscreen to any app shortcut the user desires.

Zephyr brings forth to iOS what most users believe that should have been an integrated feature: a multitasking bar that can be accessed simply by swiping up from the bottom to the top of the screen. Furthermore, you will be able to switch between apps simply by sliding left to right or right to left. Even more, you can use a lot of other gestures, and you are given the option to temporarily disable gesture functionality in order not to impair app functionality.

If you want to benefit from the advantages of widgets, all you need to do is install Dashboard X from Cydia, and your iPhone or iPad will suddenly gain a new, more accessible face.

Another tweak that gives you good functionality, Quasar, will let you manage multiple apps on the same screen, without having to switch between those apps. Unfortunately this tweak is available only for iPad, no doubt due to the fact that such a feature would require quite a large screen environment, and the iPod Touch and the iPhone, would not satisfy those needs enough to provide good functionality.

Short notifications are annoying you? Try to use Reveal, and you will never have to be concerned about these kinds of things, since this Cydia tweak will allow you to scroll to unfold the rest of the long notification. Another option is to tap on the notification, and it will expand for you.

Best Cydia Apps for iPad 2013

There are many iPad users searching for apps and tweaks daily, who want to be up to date with the newest and coolest applications. Today I will present you some of the most useful apps and tweaks for iPad, but for them to work you must jailbreak your iPad. If you already jailbroken your device, you’ve come to the right place, because Cydia has hundreds of them, you just have to know where to look.

NCSettings is very user-friendly with a good design. It looks like the SBSettings and after installation you will see in the Notification center that you have another row, specially created for you to place your favorite apps and tweaks.

The Activator is a tweak that adds gestures needed for you to start certain applications. This tweak works with both iPad and iPhone, and it is compatible with many Cydia apps. In other words, the Activator give’s you accessibility and a better performance.

Another useful application for iPad is FullScreen. When you enter or start an app, just double tap the screen and you will enter in full screen mode, that simple.

One of the best apps is Quasar, specially designed for iPad that allows you to run multiple apps in the same time, something like multitasking. It costs $9.90 on Cydia download, but believe me, it’s worth it, makes everything much easier and you’ll have a computer experience with this app.

Best Cydia repositories 2013

It is a well-known fact that currently any iDevice running any version of the iOS can be now jailbroken. Few are aware of the importance of the jaibreak procedure and how that will reflect on their user experience. The most important reason is the access to third parties app stores more particularly Cydia, where you can find anything you need to customize your iOS and improve you user experience as well as some well deserved free apps. You have to know that Cydia is just the app browser and installer. The app developers after completion of their apps simply add them to repositories or source. Cydia comes by default with a number of sources, but if you want access to the coolest apps you have to know what sources to add.

Manage section in Cydia, section where you can manage repos

A collection of the finest Cydia repositories from the beginning of 2013 can be found here below.
  1. SiNful iPhone: has a growing community of more than 3 million users, forums and support; so far is the leading source of high quality apps and tweaks. In order to gain access all you have to do is enter Cydia/APT URL:
  2. is one of the most popular repositories available. Many users jailbreak their devices in order to download Installous, cool app that allows you to install for free all the paid apps available in Apple’s AppStore. To add this source, enter Cydia/APT URL:
  3. xSellize is a repo that supplies you with the latest emulators available for NES, Nintendo 64 and GameBoy, along with a whole bunch of ROMs and packs, apps and tweaks. In order to gain access to this repository, all you have to do is enter Cydia/APT  URL:
  4. Insanlyi is a repository that focuses more on quality rather than quantity, and if you are concerned with the customization of your iOS device, here you will find the coolest tweaks available. To use it enter Cydia/APT URL:
  5. PwnCenter is the repository to choose your ringtone from; there are no apps, tweaks or themes though. Enter Cydia/APT URL:
  6. iHacks is the All-in-One repository that covers basically everything. Enter Cydia/APT URL:
  7. iCauseFX Enter Cydia/APT URL:
  8. HackYouriPhone: Enter Cydia/APT URL:
  9. p0dulo Enter Cydia/APT URL:
  10. BiteYourApple Enter Cydia/APT URL: